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We consider ourselves as an extension of your organization and share with you the critical requirements of service delivery and customer satisfaction. We will provide you tools to audit our performances and quality.

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Outsourcing can help businesses reduce labor costs significantly by outsourcing certain tasks. Businesses can also avoid expenses associated with overhead, equipment, and technology.

In addition to cost savings, companies can employ an outsourcing strategy to better focus on core aspects of the business. Outsourcing non-core activities can improve efficiency and productivity because another entity performs these smaller tasks better than the firm itself. This strategy may also lead to faster turnaround times, increased competitiveness within an industry and the cutting of overall operational costs.

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We are looking to become the preferred partner for our customers for all outsourced back office processes by providing the best of breed customized solutions, a continuous strive to reduce our customer’s costs, process and product innovation, always exceeding service standards and a firm commitment to contribute towards our customer’s profitability and service standards.

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Falcon Technical Services can help your business operations reach the next level without having to sacrifice quality of output delivered


We have considerable experience in carrying out company-wide data protection implementing compliance programmes.

Our customer data is a vital business asset and it is important that you know how to protect our customer data without breaching the complex rules in this area.
Falcon Techno Service has been providing CAD Services in UAE. We are a one-stop solution provider for specialized services in the domain of engineering design and drafting.


We choose top-tier partners; we win world-class awards.