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Her justification that she was right and we were wrong was


case grows for use of police body cameras

Follow CNN Entertainment(CNN)Travis Scott, Big Boi, an incredible gospel choir, and SpongeBob Squarepants all stepped up to help Maroon 5 carry a loaded Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday. Too epic and as much as I like Maroon 5, get Spongebob back up.Artists like Rihanna and Cardi B reportedly turned down the gig in support of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick.During the game, some celebrities and members of the public used ImwithKap on social media to express their decision not to watch the Super Bowl. “To watch the game is to compromise my beliefs.

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Follow CNN Politics1) Harris was unable to follow up her strong first debate with similar performances in the second and third debates. Particularly in the second debate, in July, she struggled as her rivals went after her record on health care, among other issues.2) She couldn’t decide what she wanted to be. Was she the attack dog making the case against the establishment? Was she the tough prosecutor? Was she the unity candidate? The liberal lion? She played all of those roles at some point over the summer.

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